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The Shetland Crofting, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (SCFWAG) is the local group for the Farming and Wildlife Advisry Group (FWAG), a national group which exists to provide farmers, landowners and other clients with the best opportunity for environmental gain through cost effective, quality solutions. FWAG has 66 local groups throughout England and Scotland, with over 90 Farm Conservation Advisers. Its Scottish headquarters are at Ingliston outside Edinburgh

FWAG provides farmers and landowners with practical advice on making adjustments to farm operations and enhancing farm features in order to support wildlife, landscape, archaeology, access and other conservation issues.

Contact: SCFWAG, Agricultural Marts, Staney Hill, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0QW  Tel. (01595) 690832

For more information on the work of Farming and Wildlife Advisory Groups in Scotland, click here.


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