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Shetland Sea Mammal Group



Shetland Sea Mammal Group was established in 1993 to try and encourage an interest in whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and other sea mammals in Shetland waters. The groups aims are to:

  • co-ordinate and collect records of sea mammals in our waters
  • co-operate with national bodies in sea mammal studies
  • promote an interest in sea mammals within the islands
  • establish contact between individuals interested in sea mammals

On joining the Shetland Sea Mammal Group you will receive:

  • observers' guide to sea mammals that may be found in Shetland waters
  • a recording form to record sightings of sea mammals in Shetland waters
  • the most recent Shetland Sea Mammal Group Annual Report
  • the most recent Newsletter

Membership is currently suspended pending a decision on the group's future.


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