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Shetland Sea Mammal Report

The Shetland Sea Mammal Report 2003

Includes: Systematic lists for 2003; Whale driving in Shetland and the Faroes; Basking Sharks in Shetland in 2003; Ferry surveys for Cetaceans in Shetland waters - and beyond; Distribution and movements of Harbour Seals off Shetland; Distribution of cetaceans in the Faroe-Shetland Channel and Rockall Trough using passive acoustics; Using jizz as a technique for identifying Europe's rorqual whales.

Cost UK £5.50; Europe £6.00; Rest of World £7.00 from the address below, although how about considering joining SSMG instead?


Back Copies of Shetland Sea Mammal Group Reports

1998: Systematic list of whales and dolphins in 1998; cetacean strandings in Shetland 1998; unidentified dolphins at Uyeasound, Unst; Killer Whales in Shetland waters; sightings of beaked whales in the Faeroe – Shetland Channel. Cost: £2.50

1999: Systematic list of whales and dolphins in 1999; changes in Otter numbers on Shetland – should there be concern; the occurrence of turtles in Shetland; Sperm Whale at Weisdale Voe; Killer Whales hunting Grey Seals; a study with a purpose; haul-out behaviour of Harbour Seals at Mousa. Cost: £2.50

2000: Systematic list of whales and dolphins in 2000; cetacean sightings during JNCC seabird surveys 1979 – 2000; Bearded Seal at Mid Yell; notes of Killer Whale feeding and social behaviour; Leatherback Turtle at Mid Yell; conservation status of the Basking Shark; between year variation in the summer diet of Harbour Seals on Mousa. Cost: £2.50

2001/02: Systematic list of whales and dolphins in 2001 & 2003; cetacean strandings & post mortem studies in 2001; sea mammal observations at sea, north of Shetland, during summer 2002; population fluctuations in Shetland Otters; the Trondra Sperm Whale; acoustic monitoring and visual observations of Harbour Porpoise in Yell Sound; notes on the social behaviour of Killer Whales off Shetland; Risso’s Dolphins at Vassa Voe; the Grey Seals of Lerwick Harbour – friends or foes; Hooded Seal in Shetland; Ringed Seal o Yell; the anatomy of the penis of a Sperm Whale; studies of Harbour Porpoise distribution and movements in the UK & Denmark; Harbour Seals in Shetland in 2001. Cost: £3.50

 (P&P on all orders is £1.00 per order - not per report)

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SSMG Newsletters

Old issues of some the SSMG Newsletter are available. They are in Adobe Acrobat format - if you do not have an Acrobat reader installed on your computer you can download it for free from Adobe acrobat (pdf) reader.

Newsletter 20 - December 2002
Newsletter 19 - June 2002
Newsletter 18 - March 2002


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