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Scottish Natural Heritage



This page is not an official source of information for Scottish Natural Heritage.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is the independent government organisation responsible for implementing policy on the environment. Its stated aims include action to:

    safeguard and enhance Scotland's natural heritage, particularly its natural, genetic and scenic diversity;
    to foster awareness and understanding of the natural heritage;
    to promote enjoyment of, and responsible public access to, the natural heritage in ways which do not damage it;
    to encourage public support and voluntary effort for the benefit of the environment;
    to promote improvement of the natural heritage in and around towns and cities, where most of Scotland's people live;
    and to encourage environmental sustainability in all forms of economic activity

SNH also designates and administers National Nature Reserves in Scotland. There are three NNRs in Shetland and the text and pictures from official leaflets may be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links on the menu (these pages will take a long time to load because of the many illustrations).

Contact: SNH, Stewart Building, Alexandra Wharf, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0LL  Tel. (01595) 693345

To find about more about the work of SNH in Scotland click here or to see the North Isles pages click here.


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